Our commitments

Throughout the development of Vincent d'Astrée champagnes, we strive to reduce our environmental impact.

sustainable viticulture

We support our winemakers to support them and encourage them to turn to sustainable viticulture.

Today, 31% of pressed grapes come from farms certified High Environmental Value or Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne.

sustainable production

We have chosen less energy-intensive oenological techniques. The main use of lightweight bottles allows a reduction of our impact during transport. In our cellars, the aging of our champagnes is at a temperature of 12°C all year round, naturally thanks to their depth. Their lights are being replaced with low-power LEDs since 2019. 

Located in the heart of the Pierry vineyard, the proximity of our winemakers also helps to limit travel when delivering grapes to harvest. Proximity travel is done through an electric vehicle. In 2019, we joined the EPSYVIN program, an industrial and territorial ecology approach to reduce the environmental impacts of companies in the sector. 

recycling and recovery

100% of the liquid effluents and by-products from our business are treated or recycled. The recycling of waste is systematic and is recovered as soon as possible. Our caps are collected to be transformed into insulation materials, flooring etc...


The ISO 22,000 certification obtained in 2022 demonstrates our commitment to continuously improve our methods and processes to ensure our consumers safety and traceability of our champagnes.

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